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We are Recruiting Candidates for the 2024 Election

The month of February is Candidate Recruitment month for the Tuscola County Democratic Party!

We need YOU on the Ballot for either Township, City, Village, School, or Library in Tuscola County.

Along with winning, another major goal is to “Contest Every Race!”

Currently, Republicans are running likely for all the local political seats.

At the township level, numerous Republican candidates are spending absolutely nothing to win and we as Democrats are not filing and not keeping pace.

To win or put on a showing, to help federal races and to have a good life, YOU as a Democrat must be on the ballot sheets.

As you  know this year 2024 will determine who the next President of the United States will be. We as Democrats locally must up our game.

We need to increase the percentage of total votes cast for all our candidates who run under the name of the Democratic Party.

The first thing we must do is to have YOU as a Democrat to file to run for office . . . do not be a hidden or crypto but visible Democrat . . . when YOU run for office  you will know in your heart and mind that if we lose overall, YOU are not to blame.

We must give this election season our all to increase our quality of life and to live a life that is good.

 We need to increase the percentage of Democratic votes cast . . . YOU need to be involved in local politics and in running for a seat locally to help increase our percentage in voting or to decrease the spread of votes between the Democratic and Republican parties . . .with YOU on board and running locally is the best way for all of us to win statewide and nationally . . . we become winners when we have a strong central government . . .  if we have YOU running, we know we did our best and all we could.

We all must give our best efforts as Democrats in Tuscola County.

Everything in the national poles is so close and shows such small percentage differences in potential voting between former President Trump and current President Biden . . . as I said, if YOU would run locally, YOU would help democratic ideas prevail statewide and nationally.

We must increase the percentage of our Democratic share of the total votes both nationally, statewide, and locally by three to five percent.

To do just that, we need YOU to file for political office.

The Tuscola County Democratic Party will do the utmost to educate YOU politically, to help YOU develop pride in what YOU do and in the local democratic party, and to advance YOU and all of us socially and politically where YOU and those YOU meet and have contact with will live a better life and a life filled with success.

Paperwork to file locally for a township office for example includes an Affidavit of Identity, Nominating Petition, and Statement of Organization.

If you plan to spend less than $1,000, YOU should request a Reporting Waver so that to the State of Michigan you do not have to financially report.

If you have contributions or Expenditures over $1,000, YOU must use the MERTs application or software for relating your financial information to the State of Michigan.

If you go over $1,000, however, you must us MERTS to report.

The most important thing is for YOU to be on the ballot!

To run,  YOU do not have to be a fanatical, political zealot!

The Primary Election will be August 6, 2024.

The General Election is November 2024.

For a township seat, for example, YOU must go through the Primary Election and win the Democratic section first to go on to the General Election.

Message us, the Tuscola County Democratic Party on this site and we can talk about your candidacy.

Do not think that YOU cannot do this and that it is too expensive . . . it costs nothing to run!

Township openings include Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and usually two trustees for the 23 different townships in Tuscola County . . . that is about 115 township offices in the county.

For City and Township, YOU may file for $100 or by filling out a township “Nominating Petition” . . . YOU need only three to ten signatures from voters in your township to be put on the ballot for free.

Republicans are filing in every race, and they are likely all doing it all for free.

We must contest every race!

 We must contest every race!

This year, seats that are open are for the following offices: 54th Circuit Court Judge who files with the State of Michigan, Judge of probate, County Prosecutor, County Sheriff, County Clerk, County Treasurer, County Register of Deeds, County Commissioners for the five districts, and Road Commissioners [2] all of whom serve for four years and file with the County Clerk.

The exception is that Judge and County Road Commissioner seats are for six years.

Township seats are for four years, and YOU file with the Township clerk.

Cities include Caro and Vassar that have council seats open . . . in Caro, the Mayor seat is open.

This cycle there also are elections for Village, School, and Library races. . . precinct Delegates are elected in the Primary Election.

The Trustee seat is the least demanding . . . YOU likely would do less work.

The Tuscola County Democratic Party will help YOU do the right thing and get your name on the ballot for the date of your election[s] . . . candidate recruitment is our February goal.

County Commissioner and Township offices  are partisan.

Judge, City, Village, School, and Library races are non-partisan.

Hey, get involved in politics . . .  it is good for the soul.

The State of Michigan house races for Tuscola are also in this cycle.

The average money spend by the Republican is about $60,000 and by the Democrat is about $15,000 . . . the percentages were 67% and 33% in voting, respectively, for the State House seats . . . I know I should not say this but for a Democrat to win in west Tuscola and east Tuscola County might take a miracle.  

Remember, we must contest every race!

Contest very race!

We Invite You to Attend Meetings!
The Brentwood, Caro, MI
Third Thursday of the Month
Our Social Hour is at 5:30 PM & Meeting at 6:30 PM
Thank you!


Mayville Sunflower Parade July 2023 WC.jpg

Tuscola County Democratic Party was at the Mayville Sunflower Festival Parade

Library Picture.jpg
Our "Spring Thank You" and gift to our local Caro Area District Library for the remarkable work they do in making the library so inviting for all of our Tuscola County residents!
Join the Tuscola County Democrati Party . . . each month on the third Thursday in our freedom celebration!

Each  month, our meeting is on the Third Thursday!
Our meet and greet time is at 5:30 PM.
The regular meeting starts at 6:30 PM.
Our meeting will take place at the Brentwood on Park Drive in Caro, MI.

We look forward to seeing you!

Do not forget to read our Tuscola County Democratic Party Newsletters!
2023 Medical Care Facility Easter Gifts 1AGolden.jpg
The Tuscola County Democratic Party took Easter goodies to the folks at the Tuscola County Medical Care facility.
There were 200 people that could have the sweet treats, and those who could not were given a cute Easter egg decoration.

We were joined by the Easter Bunny.
It was a lot of fun!

Join in with Us!

Thanks for submitting!

Our goal is to increase public opinion and participation in democracy in our community, to support candidates of our party, and to promote for everyone equal opportunity.
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