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Democratic Bowling, Social Hour, & Regular Meeting Event!


This is Mark Putnam with Tuscola County Democratic Party.

How are you doing today? . . . a Bowling Event is being put on by the local party.

It will be next Thursday, March 21, at Brentwood on Park Drive in Caro.

With two lanes available for an hour, bowling starts at 4:30 PM.

In a reserved room, Social Hour, and a meal if you like is next . . . our regular meeting is at 6:30 PM.

As fellow Democrats, we will discuss strategies for an overall victory in November.

Likewise, being a Democratic candidate for local office is something we would like you to consider!

You do not have to be a corporate lawyer or accountant!

 We will guide you through the process and give assistance!

This year's election is of the utmost importance.

We would be honored to have you play a pivotal role this year in shaping the future and doing what is significant.

We Invite You to Attend Meetings!
The Brentwood, Caro, MI
Third Thursday of the Month
Our Social Hour is at 5:30 PM & Meeting at 6:30 PM
Thank you!


Mayville Sunflower Parade July 2023 WC.jpg

Tuscola County Democratic Party was at the Mayville Sunflower Festival Parade

Library Picture.jpg
Our "Spring Thank You" and gift to our local Caro Area District Library for the remarkable work they do in making the library so inviting for all of our Tuscola County residents!
Join the Tuscola County Democrati Party . . . each month on the third Thursday in our freedom celebration!

Each  month, our meeting is on the Third Thursday!
Our meet and greet time is at 5:30 PM.
The regular meeting starts at 6:30 PM.
Our meeting will take place at the Brentwood on Park Drive in Caro, MI.

We look forward to seeing you!

Do not forget to read our Tuscola County Democratic Party Newsletters!
2023 Medical Care Facility Easter Gifts 1AGolden.jpg
The Tuscola County Democratic Party took Easter goodies to the folks at the Tuscola County Medical Care facility.
There were 200 people that could have the sweet treats, and those who could not were given a cute Easter egg decoration.

We were joined by the Easter Bunny.
It was a lot of fun!

Join in with Us!

Thanks for submitting!

Our goal is to increase public opinion and participation in democracy in our community, to support candidates of our party, and to promote for everyone equal opportunity.
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