Precinct Delegate Organizing

Become a Precinct Delegate


Join the Precinct Organizing Committee/Neighbor to Neighbor Program.


Give 4 hours a month on your own schedule!


Each precinct can elect 2 to 5 delegates (according to population) on the primary ballot.  But not every precinct currently has enough delegates, and some have none. We’re recruiting until May 5th, 2020!  You may also afterword in the Primary become a Write-in Candidate!

Become a write-in candidate:

4. Fill before Primary

Note: It usually only takes a few votes to win- most precinct delegates run unopposed.

We hope we can count on you to help. Please let us know if you have filed or intend to file for election, and in which precinct, by dropping us a quick email at:

Questions? Contact us:

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